Long Wear Pre – Treatment & Primer

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  • ★ BEYELIAN Lash Primer: FOR PROFESSIONAL EYELASH EXTENSIONS USE ONLY. This is a pre-treatment used to clean the grease, dust, and residual eye makeup on the natural eyelashes before applying for eyelash extensions. It is not recommended to use it yourself.
  • ★ Function: Lash Primer removes grease, dirt, and residual makeup from natural eyelashes to bond more closely to the extension lashes for enhanced retention.
  • ★ Lash stylists can also use this product when doing an eyelash fill and after removing eyelash extensions.
  • ★ How to Use: Use two cotton swabs to take a proper amount of primer and clamp the lash. Gently wipe back and forth to clean the natural eyelashes.
  • ★ Shelf Life: 3 years for sealed, 1 year after opening.

Lash primer is gentle for the eyes and does't cause irritation or allergies.

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