Spike Lashes (160 Spikes)

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Product Highlights:
  • The Spike Lashes are made by placing 0.10mm fans in a closed fan.
  • Perfect for " Kim K " lash styling.
  • 16 rows per tray, 160 spikes in total. The single spike is cheaper than the others.
  • How to match: Grafted with premade, classic, or easy fan lashes firstly, and then grafted with spike lashes. It will give your customer a fresh and eye-catching effect.
  • Using spikes that are 2mm longer than the rest of your set will give you the desired " Spike Lashes " effect.
  • The roots are equipped with magnetism, which can be easily grasped without scattering, and novices can easily graft. The sense of modeling is strong, It looks like a Barbie doll.
  • Cruelty-free and vegan friendly
  • Customer satisfaction: If you have any dissatisfaction, please don't worry, just contact us, we will do the best solution. 

Top Tips:

  • Simply pick up from the strip as normal for a Wispy Spike effect.
  • Swipe the tips of the lashes on the strip using Glue Stopper, to bring the tips to a point, before picking up the spikes.
  • These can also be used to give the "Wet Lash" effect.

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