0.07 Art Series Volume Lashes L-Curl

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L-Art Series lashes for volume lash artists who are looking to deliver on-trend lash designs, and add new styling options to their menu! Our L-Art Series lashes bring a dramatic lift to the eye while keeping a soft look and beautiful workability.

  • ITEM TYPE: individual semi permanent eyelash extensions used for Russian Volume effect
  • USAGE: the lashes have to be applied professionally by the lash artist with lash primer, medical grade glue, tweezers, eye pads, lash primer, mascara wands, air blower, etc
  • KEY FEATURES: work perfectly for XD volume eyelash extension application with lightweight and soft feeling. The improved non-stick tape makes it significantly easier for technicians to fan and feather the extensions during application in order to achieve a much fuller, thicker effect

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