Glue Storage Container(No Glue)

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  • FEATURE 1: Stores your eyelash extension glue properly
  • FEATURE 2: Fully protects adhesive from humidity
  • PRINCIPLE: With the special design of the lid, much of the air is squeezed out when you press down the lid, creating a vacuum seal
  • COMPLETE BLACK: It will protect the adhesive from direct light
  • Fits 3-5 adhesives depending on bottle shape and size
Features of the new version:
  • 【AIRTIGHT AND LEAKPROOF】 - The glue storage container comes with a sealed lid that can better protect eyelash glue from light, it prevents the glue from solidifying and effectively prolongs its shelf life
  • 【 High-Quality 】 - Made of high quality and high hardness plastic, the lash glue container is solid and wear-resistant, which is hard to deform and suitable for beginners and professionals
  • 【SPECIAL DESIGN】- Come with an activated carbon bag which can absorb moist air and the pungent smell of glue, the container contains a separate sponge pad, can put 3 bottles of glue
  • 【CONVENIENT TO USE】- Advanced sealing technology can meet the different needs of eyelash teachers, and can be used in beauty salons, home DIY or travel
  • 【EASY TO CARRY】- The glue tank is a suitable size, easy to place, and easy to carry

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