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  • 【PROTECT YOUR EYELASH EXTENSION】- The eyelash extension always fall too fast? Always fall off after sweating? Always need to go to the salon to refill extension lashes? Then you will need it! Lash coating, like lash sealant, can form a protective film on the surface of the eyelash extension lashes, protecting them from dust, oil, and moisture in the air
    【HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY LASH ARTISTS】- Lash artists can sell this coating in their own salon, allowing clients to use it for everyday maintenance, reducing the pace with which eyelashes fall, reducing the frequency with which eyelash replenishing is required, and enhancing customer happiness. It's also a good idea to save lash artists' time and get more clients
    【WATERY TEXTURE】- Texture that resembles water. This is not a mascara. It's a silky, clear liquid. You can use it on your eyelash extensions every day after your makeup routine, and you can take care of your eyelash extensions using it
    【SPECIAL SPIRAL BRUSH HEAD】- The bristles are incredibly fine and the brush head is spiral. Each eyelash will be taken care of by this design. HOWEVER, BECAUSE THE BRISTLES ARE VERY FINE AND THE LIQUID IS TRANSPARENT, YOU MAY NOT FEEL IT WHEN YOU APPLY LASH COATING TO THE BACK OF YOUR HAND. What, but if you look closely at each bristle, you will notice that there is a lash coating on each bristle
    【SAFE INGREDIENTS】- This lash coating is made with a natural plant formula that is naturally soft, does not irritate the skin, and contains aloe vera ingredients, which gives it a mild and delicate scent; However, IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO ALOE VERA, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING IT

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