SA31 Tweezers

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  • HIGH PRECISION】- Laser cutting technology achieves perfect alignment at different angles. The eyelashes can be easily picked up without falling off.
  • GOOD ELASTICITY】- Low resistance, you can easily close the lash extension tweezers tips; Rebound easily, rebound to its original position without other assistance.
  • HIGH QUALITY】- Special heat treatment improves the plasticity and toughness of eyelash tweezers tips, it is not easy to deform
  • PROPER SIZE】- Height :4.72in, Length: 0.39in. Proper size is easy to operate when doing eyelash extensions. The ergonomic design and non-slip handle and the right weight and tip tension make the tweezers more comfortable to use.
  • PROFESSIONAL VOLUME TWEEZERS】- The eyelash extension tweezers' tips are tightly closed. Perfect for picking volume lashes or tinier hairs easily

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