Why Do My Rapid Cluster Lashes Last Such a Short Time?

If you want your individual rapid cluster eyelashes to last longer, take a look at the following tips that can help you extend their life and beauty. People only expect these types of lashes to last an hour or a day. Can you believe if I tell you they can last a whole week? If you choose the best glue and follow all the recommendations outlined below, you can extend the life of your individual rapid cluster lashes. Get ready to be amazed. 

Always Start With a Clean Eyelid

No one would attempt to apply false eyelashes over makeup residue, but it is of the utmost importance to ensure the cleanest eyelid possible before you put on the glue. Do not just wash your face and consider that good enough. Use a quality makeup remover to get rid of every trace of mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, and more. This will also remove natural skin oils, dry skin cells, dust, and other impurities from the area. While some people put on false eyelashes after their cosmetics application, I think it works much better to start with a pure and clean skin surface. The glue and the last clusters simply stick better. Our received- positive-feedback lash shampoo is a must in this situation.

Maximize How Well Your Lash Glue Works

There are two things to consider when choosing glue and using one you already have on hand: the type and its age. Standard eyelash glue works well if you want standard results that last a reasonable amount of time. However, if you are going for the longest-lasting rapid cluster lashes possible, it makes sense to reach for eyelash extension glue instead. This creates a stronger bond that is more resistant to moisture and movement. You can enjoy your beautiful look for a week or even longer.

Besides the variety you use, the age of the glue also makes a difference. Of course, you should never use excessively old glue that has changed inconsistency. Even some that have sat around for a while can lose its efficacy as a long-lasting eyelash adhesive. If you find that your glue has suffered from exposure to air or moisture, you should definitely open up a new container. Since these products are quite affordable, should not be too difficult to make a switch.

Does Your Makeup Remover Leave Residue?

Having absolutely clean skin is not only a matter of using makeup remover to get rid of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and more, it also depends on the type of solution you use. In order to maximize the efficacy of lash glue and keep your individual rapid cluster lashes on longer, only choose a makeup remover without excess oils. After all, part of the reason you clean your face is to remove excess oils. You do not want to add more before and eyelash application. This can make adherence more difficult and the product falls more quickly.

Now that you understand the unique tips to make your individual rapid cluster lashes last as long as possible, you can enjoy more convenient beauty for a week or more. Choosing the right glue, always starting with clean and dry skin, and using the best makeup remover solutions around will help. Beyelian has several new eyelash styles for you to try. These tips can make your do-it-yourself lash art even more wonderful than ever before.

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