Why connected eyelashes

fall off easily?

(1) The quality of eyelashes: whether the eyelash surface is able to absorb more glue; whether the eyelash fiber is able to adhere properly. (2) The quality of glue: whether the adhesive glue is strong. (3) Eyelashes have span and metabolism. It is normal for mature eyelashes with false eyelashes to fall off. Everyone's eyelash growth and capacity is also different. Thus, the duration where grafted eyelashes stay on the eyes is different too. (4) Customers need to take good care of it after grafting. It cannot be rubbed by hand. Do not press it while sleeping. Avoid it while wash the face. Try to avoid oily remover products, etc., It will stay longer on the eyes if it is well protected and vice versa. (5) Technician's grafting techniques and details are also very important. The eyelash grafting position on up, down, left and right will also affect the durability of the grafted eyelashes.


Why the root of eyelashes is white after grafting?

How to deal with it?

In the process of eyelash extensions, there are tears in the eyes of customers or the eyelashes were wet, so the eyeliner position will turn white.

Solution: After brushing with our lash coating, the white part will disappear. It is also waterproof and oil-proof. It maintains a strong glue adhesion and extends the retention.