You may wanna know some details about BEYELIAN lash product. We preared some questions that you may interested in, as below:

Finding the proper lashes is determined by the style you want to create for your customer. If you want a natural look, we offer our classic eyelashes; if you want more volume, we recommend our easy fan lashes; you can also contact our customer service staff for assistance in finding the appropriate eyelashes.

BEYELIAN lashes are made of PBT material, which is a type of man-made fiber, rather than actual mink fur. Real mink fur is rarely produced into high-quality items because the thickness is inconsistent and it is difficult to maintain a standard curl.

The round lash has a round base, making it the most traditional variety of eyelashes. Eyelash extensions can be applied to the natural lashes' upper, lower, left, and right places. Flat hair has a flat base and can only be applied to the upper and lower locations of natural lashes. Because the contact surface between the base and the natural eyelashes is larger, it can be kept in place for a longer period of time.

The C curl has a natural look close to real eyelashes, while the D curl is more curlier than C curl, could establish a dramatic look like Barbie.  

In the process of eyelash extensions, there are tears in the eyes of customers or the eyelashes were wet, so the eyeliner position will turn white. Solution: After brushing with our lash coating, the white part will disappear. It is also waterproof and oil-proof. It maintains a strong glue adhesion and extends the grafting time.

It is dependent on the goods, as some require slightly different storage than others. However, we recommend keeping them in a cool, dry spot away from high humidity.
Our eyelash glue, for example, must be stored in a cool, dry place away from high humidity or sunshine. We recommend storing the glue in an airtight container.

Shipping policy

All shipping information is here, if you have any other queations, welcome to contact us !

Our shipments can be sent to the US and UK, about 7 business days for the US and 3 business days for the UK, however due to the large order volume, you may experience delays in delivery. Actual delivery dates may vary depending on origin, destination, post office acceptance date and time, and other conditions, and we do not make any guarantees.
All orders are shipped Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. Unfortunately, we are unable to process orders on weekends or holidays.

Sorry, we can only ship to one address per order.

You can contact us by online customer service or email, and we will tell you of the products you require. When the products arrive, the customer service department will notify you. If the products you seek are not in stock, please supply the necessary product images and details. We encourage personalization.

Please double-check your mailing address before completing payment on your transaction. We are not liable if you submit the incorrect address after the transaction has been delivered.

Standard shipping, US&UK (orders under $59.9): $5.99

Standard shipping, US&UK (orders $60+): FREE shipping.

We also support delivery to other countries. If you have any requirements, please contact customer care to have DHL express sent to you at your expense.

Returns and exchanges

If you require a return & exchanges service, please see this module; if you require additional assistance, please contact us.

It's okay to return the products, please make sure the lashes have not been used and will not influence second sales. And then contact our customer service team to get a return address. After receiving and checking the products, we’ll return the money back or replace new products for you.

Yes, all of our shipments are trackable. The tracking number is normally included in the shipping confirmation email. If you haven't gotten this email, please check your junk mail and contact us if you still can't locate it.

In order to prevent fraudulent claims, we cannot be responsible for packages once in the possession of the USPS service. If your package is stolen/lost or damaged by USPS we cannot replace the items. All lost packages are the responsibility of USPS. Please contact the nearest USPS to resolve any shipment issues. If you are able to provide a USPS claim number and detailed information we may be able to further assist in this matter. Otherwise, we only have the capacity to track your package.

To cancel your order, please email BEYELIAN's Customer Service at within 24 hours of placing it.
We cannot process canceled orders on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays, but we will tell you the next business day. We cannot cancel or alter orders once they have shipped.