Why Maintain Healthy Lashes is So Important? (Part 1)

The job of eyelashes is to protect our eyes, prevent dust, bacteria, and foreign objects from getting inside the eye. It is important to have proper eyelash care in our normal daily life and after lash extensions, because it is not only to make you look beautiful but also to keep your eyes clean. Do you know that people are naturally born with many different types of eyelash curls and lengths? The average upper eyelid has between 90 and 150 eyelashes and the average bottom eyelid has between 70 and 80 eyelashes. On average, eyelashes are 10mm long. To maintain healthy lashes, understanding eyelash functionality is the first step in working with the eyes in the eyelash extension process.

Like our body hair, eyelashes have their growth cycle as well: Anagen Phase, Catagen Phase, and Telogen Phase. The first one is also known as the growth phase. Lashes are small and actively growing at this phrase, they last between 30-45 days. These lashes do not fall out unless they are intentionally pulled or torn out of the eyelid. Anagen eyelashes are too fragile to attach extensions compare to other phases of the eyelashes. It may damage the follicle permanently and alter hair growth later on if lashes are pulled or damaged during this stage.

Lashes peak in length and thickness and stop growing while the hair follicle begins to shrink. It takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks to complete the catagen phase. The best way to recognize the catagen phase is by the length and health of the lash. When it comes to the resting phase, eyelashes do not grow but remain attached to the follicle. This phase can last up to 100 days before the eyelash falls out and a new one begins to grow. It typically takes 4-8 weeks to fully replace an eyelash. The lack of elasticity is the best way to tell the Telogen phase.

Based on the basic eyelashes anatomy, eyelashes growing during the catagen phase is the best period for lash application. When eyelash extensions are applied properly, they should not damage the natural lash or make it fall prematurely. Only when applying an extension that is double the natural eyelash thickness and length, the heaviness will overstress the hair follicle. In another situation is that then an extension applied to the natural lash but in the wrong direction the heavy itself will twist and affect the future growth of the natural lash, eventually the lash will fall out prematurely and will lead to eyelash hair loss.

But how to identify unhealthy lashes? Knowing the basic eyelash growing cycle is one hand, be able to tell what lashes are unhealthy can also help lash artists to avoid prematurely lash loss, please keep an eye on our next post, more training about lash extensions is updating.

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