Why Maintain Healthy Lashes is So Important? (Part 2)

A general rule of thumb is that when applying an extension is to avoid using an extension that is double the length and thickness of the natural eyelash, otherwise it will be too heavy for natural eyelash, and will over stress the hair follicle, so eventually lead to hair loss prematurely.

But how to identify unhealthy lashes when we about to apply eyelash extensions on our clients' eyes? First we will need to clean the lash line with a soft brush and lash cleanser to determine how healthy the lashes appear. Being congested, dull, brittle, broken or have a decrease in elasticity are identified as unhealthy lashes. So some characteristics for healthy lashes should be thick, strong, full and long. If there is any sign of unhealthy lashes, tell the client it’s best to wait to apply extensions until their natural eyelashes are healthier.

Aftercare of eyelash extensions is also a very critical point to maintain healthy lashes. Proper care of eyelashes and the lash line are essential to prevent injury and infection. First, clean off your makeup by using any oil free makeup removers, because oil breaks downs the glue that holds up the lashes. Micellar water is also a great option to preserve extensions' adhesion and remove debris from them in general. After clean off all the makeup, especially the area with eyelids.

Then one pump of lash primer, brush along the lash line and also brush outwards. Meanwhile, brush underneath, along your waterline. Most of the build up, makeup will be on the waterline. Rinse, pat dry and don’t rub your lashes. Later brushing through with all the fans and the whole cleaning process shall be done.

Besides taking care of lash extensions, avoid using eyelash curler and mascara. The pressure from an ultra-forceful shower heads can rip your lashes right out and leave a beauty nightmare scene on the tile floor. Another reason to take it easy while scrubbing up: the steam from hot water temperature can cause freshly-applied glue not to set up properly.

With knowing hair growth cycle, characteristics of healthy and unhealthy lashes, and proper care of lash extensions, all of us eyelash-obsessives can make our eyelash extensions to last as long as possible.


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