How Convenient Flash Fan Volume Lashes for Beginners?

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to eyelash extension?

If I'm right they were some familiar terms such as classic eyelash extension and volume eyelash extension. However, I believe that experienced eyelash artists are familiar with fast fan lashes or easy fan lashes, which can make eyelash extension more simple and efficient.

But what we have to admit is that their popularity in the eyelash extension is still not high. Not everyone knows it exists.

This is a shame, especially for beginners. Because they don't know how much time they can save and how much benefit they can get from the fast fan lashes. It’s so simple and easy to operate. Haha, So get to know the magic of the fast fan lashes.

Simple operation, No manual make fans

I'm sure for many new artists. How to make a fan is a necessary step on the way to eyelash extension. But it's really really hard in fact.

You are sure that we can use tweezers to make a fan?

I'm going blind! Is this the work of man?

All kinds of troubles and complaints poured out like a flood. I once heard a funny conversation in a tutorial class.

A: Teacher, why can't I make a fan with my tweezers?

B: Maybe your volume tweezers are not as expensive as mine.

A: Teacher, I change the same volume tweezers as you today. Why can't I still make a fan?

B: Well, maybe you don't have my hands.

LOL So each new artist, you can choose fast fan lashes as a transitional product first.

That is because compared to fast fan lashes to normal lashes, the biggest advantage of fast fan lashes is that the root of it has glue.

The root of normal lashes is don’t have glue, it is loose hair. And you have to make a fan manually. It’ s easy to lose some hair when you make a fan.

The technical requirements for beginners are high. But the root of fast fan lashes had glue. It’s so easy for new artists to make a fan.

You just have to choose the number of hair and use tweezers clamp and pull it up. Okay, a fan came out easily. I believe through the use of fast fan lashes to practice in a period of time.

You will find it is not so difficult to make fan when you use normal lashes. So you're just missing a powerful tool on the way to success.

Make a pretty full look

The most popular eyelash extension style this year is to create thicker and more curly eyelashes. But as you know, it is difficult to create an extremely full look with normal eyelashes. That is because it means you will clip more hair at once than normal.

The probability of hair loss will be greatly increased during the process of making a fan. And the requirements for the volume tweezers are also higher. The requirements for artists in tweezers control, the extent of flowering, the distance between each of hair are higher and more stringent. So in order to solve these issues.

Beyelian launched flash fan volume lashes with the latest technology. It is in line with the hot market trend. Compared with the traditional fast fan lashes on the market, the hair quantity of flash fan volume lashes is 3 times as much as normal fast fan lashes. Such innovative products can help you quickly create a complete set of full fast fan eyelash extensions for your clients. You don't have to worry about creating a full look.

Do you know the advantages of flash fan volume lashes through this article? Efficient, easy to operate, full look, beginner's welfare. This is our comprehensive evaluation of flash fan volume lashes.


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