How to Create a Lonely Fan?

While there are many techniques to improve the look of your client's eyelashes, one of the best is called the lonely fan.

It is a volume fan design that you can offer in your beauty salon or spa. Once you learn the simple procedure, it will definitely become one of the most asked for options in your business.

This step-by-step tutorial will get you making volume fans in no time.

The lonely fan technique uses lashes in the .05mm diameter. You can also use .07mm if you prefer.

However, the narrower lashes are generally easier to work with for lash artists or beauty salon workers who do not have a lot of experience yet.

Before you start the process, get your best pair of volume tweezers that close tightly.

This is essential for making sure you can pick up the entire fan and not lose any of the pieces or its overall shape.

Consider using a four-finger grip when you use the volume tweezers from your regular beauty kit.

It is of the utmost importance that you maintain a comfortable grip and have full control over the lashes when you are working on them.

The way I do it is by putting three fingers behind the tweezers, the thumb on the other side to create the pressure, and my little finger to control the angle and provide stability.

When you first start the process of creating the volume lashes, hold the tweezers securely, aligned to tip with the strip of lashes on a parallel line, grab them tightly, and pull gently to remove them from the backing.

Ensure that no lashes end up in odd positions, fall to the side or overlap others, or otherwise present an unattractive look. Simply dispose of any that do this.

While creating the fan shape, use the tip of your tweezers on the base of each false eyelash specifically.

Do not use excessive pressure because it may counteract the design you are trying to make.

It makes more sense to use gentle pressure toward the middle of the fan so you can smoothly glide it off the strip neatly.

I find the best way to do this is to pull it down away from the tip as if I am curling the lashes or bending the fan on itself.

Do not expect this to work perfectly your first time. Practice for a while before you create these volume fans for clients directly.

It will not take long before you have perfected the technique. 

The final step in creating a perfect volume fan of faux eyelashes is to secure the shape you fashioned by dipping the base into blue dye up to approximately 1mm.

Now you have the perfect full-volume fan shape that clients and customers love.

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