*NEW IN* Intelligent Control Glue for Perfect Eyelash Extensions

Every eyelash technician needs to main tools to do every single job for every client: glue and tweezers. These indispensable tools are especially important for styling and attaching eyelash extensions. While the tweezers have to hold onto everything evenly, the best glue bottles not only attach lashes securely so they last a long time but should also make things easier on the technician directly. One of the most difficult issues is figuring out how to control the size of the glue drop that comes out of the bottle. You want just enough to be secure but not so much it is visible or has the opportunity to irritate skin or eyes.

Managing glue drop amounts saves a lot of time and potential trouble. This is a very good reason why the eyelash extension market has included innovative bottle designs to help. The Intelligent Control Glue gives you the control you need to attach eyelash extensions properly. Each drop is precisely 0.03 milliliters, which is the best volume according to artists everywhere. More characteristics go into creating the popularity of this product, however. Does it really differ from ordinary eyelash glue? Explore the following information so you can understand all of the benefits behind the Intelligent Control Glue.

A Precise 0.03ML Per Drop

How does the Precision Drop Glue bottle deliver exactly 0.03ml for each drop? 

The answer to this question is important if you want to feel confident that the glue bottle will deliver exactly the right amount of adhesive every time you use it. The development process that the manufacturer used involved creating a unique two-layer packaging that protects and measures out the glue precisely. The inside layer of the bottle keeps the glue clean and prevents it from drying out. The outer layer of the package not only makes the whole thing look better but is also used to control how much glue comes out every time you give it a squeeze. Creating such an innovative design took a lot of time and attention from consumer scientists who needed to not only develop the system also find the perfect way of manufacturing. The result is simple yet effective.

Why is 0.03ml the best volume of glue for each drop?

The decision to use this measurement of glue volume and not anymore or less took a lot of consideration and practical research. Eyelash extension artists who have been helping clients achieve their perfect look for many years must measure the glue carefully to make sure you do not use the wrong amount. This type of information was gathered by the manufacturer of the Intelligent Control Glue when they were creating their unique double-layer packaging. The 0.03ml amount was deemed the best option for ease-of-use, long-lasting adhesion, and less waste overall.

When you first try this type of product as a skilled eyelash technician, you will easily be able to see that the accurate volume of glue that comes out in every drop makes it possible for you to finish a perfect eyelash extension set with no problems. The quality of the glue is top-notch. It is appropriately sticky, always fresh, and will not run or drip into the clients' eyes. If you do not have a lot of experience as an eyelash technician, the carefully measured amount of adhesive will make the process of perfecting your craft that much easier. You also prevent a lot of glue waste that can lead to higher costs overall.

Longer Glue Shelf Life With Double Packaging

Most eyelash adhesive comes in single-layer packaging that does not offer much protection when it comes to air or impurities heading into the glue itself. With two layers, it is protected much more and the glue simply lasts longer. If you use a high volume of glue all the time in your salon, this may not afford a great benefit to you. Double layers also prevent damage from sunlight if you store the bottle near a window. However, any time you need to throw out a glue bottle before it is finished, you are wasting resources and money. Also, and the precisely measured drop is all that you need to attach false eyelashes to the client, you do not waste anything that way either.

High Quality for an Affordable Price

Although eyelash adhesive comes in a variety of price points, the average cost is approximately $21 per 10ML for control glue and $28 per 10ML for extension glue. The price of the Intelligent Control Glue is in alignment with expectations. Therefore, you get a better product without the need to stretch your budget too much. This is just one of the reasons why eyelash technicians and beauty supply store owners love buying this product. It consistently gets high marks for value from a wide variety of professionals and consumers.

The Intelligent Control Glue gives you the exact amount of adhesive you need to help women look beautiful with false lashes of all types. It has amazing amounts of control, highly innovative double-layer packaging, a waterproof effect, and so much more for an incredibly affordable price. These are all things that the people who buy it say are the most important considerations when buying a new type of eyelash glue. The waterproof variety is a big winner. If you are in the market for a new type, check out the two different Intelligent Control Glue available now.

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