How To Map Lash Extensions

When you are doing lash extensions it’s important to nail down lash mapping as part of your process. Mapping lashes in each one of your clients can help to make sure that you end up with an even look at every lash length. Outlining the lash length and working to segment lashes using the under eye pads before you begin can ensure that you can determine the ideal length for extensions and the natural flow of the lashes. 

Lash mapping has many benefits and it ultimately comes down to a procedure for symmetry. If you want to get the ideal symmetry between both eyes and throughout the length of lashes, you need to build a series of transitions into the lashes to make them appear much more natural. Doing a lash mount ensures that you can layer it easier and plan the process of your eyelash extensions. Lash mapping also works to cut down on treatment times too.

Lash mapping is great for beginners because it is so easy to do.

  1. Apply lash pad/ tape under eyes just like you would to start out a new set.
  2. After talking to your client about what shape she would like, simply write the numbers of the lengths you want to use on your lash pad with any marker or penStart lashing! This process makes applying a full set of lashes a breeze because the hard work is done for you!

Mapping Eye Shapes

Using lash mapping can be an excellent way to determine the shape of the eye that your client has as well as the right type of lashes that will suit them. If your client has round, narrow, monolid, or hooded eye shapes, this can be conducive to specific types of lashes. The mapping process will make sure that you are doing this well and truly capturing the shape of their eyes. 

How To Lash Map

To start the process of lash mapping, begin first by marking the area of the pupil where the lash is longer according to each mapping type. Mark the lashes from the high point and move to the lower point by prepping the eye pads. Split the sections and grade along the pads to produce the inner and outer corner for your ideal lash style. Use the lash extensions in tiers starting with the longest lashes and moving into the shorter lashes as you progress. When you have your middle length marked on the lash map, you can understand when it’s time to switch over to smaller lengths. You can also have an inner corner length so that you can choose the right finishing lash extension. Repeat the process on both eyes before you begin applying for extensions and you will have a proper guide for proceeding. 

Is it necessary?

No. Any experienced lash artist should have an eye for the shape she is creating and be able to apply in that way. Though it does make your sets easier, so give it a try and let us know how it works out for you!


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