How to properly sanitize your lash extension supplies?

Corona made us up all starting to care and pay extra attention to our personal hygiene. Cleaning and sanitizing everything, good! But did you also do this at your lash salon or studio? It can be a hot potato just thinking about those corners covered with dust and spending hours and hours on dealing with chores. Trust me, it is worthy! It worth big! Not only will this make your business more reputable, but it will give you peace of mind knowing you are running a safe and compliant operation. So in this blog post, we are going to break down the proper way of sanitizing our tools.


Why You Need to Know About Sanitization

Cleaning means more than washing and sweeping. As professionals, we are trusted to keep things disinfected and sterilized. We may be wizards with a pair of tweezers, but few of us know the real ins and outs of how to sanitize and with what solutions. Some of us also overlook things that should be sanitized like your lash palette you use to lash on or the brush you use to clean your client’s lashes. Practicing correct sanitization will protect YOU from any bad insurance nightmares and will also, most importantly, keep your clients safe and healthy.

The Proper Steps for Sanitization

You know what? If you violate these sanitation steps, your insurance is automatically void. So...if your client get sick, for whatever reason, then everything is on YOU if you skip any one of these steps. Without further ado, let’s talk through exactly what you need to do to sanitize.

    1. Sanitize work station and wash hands before and after each client.

    2. A Super Sleek And Sexy Pair of Tweezers

    what’s the first thing you need to do with it is sanitize it. Because our hand test each tweezer so there are tons of people touching these before they end up with you and your clients. So you will need to sanitize them before first use and then again each and every time you use them. We also recommend you to have multiple sets of your favorite tweezers on hand during a busy day since sanitization takes awhile to do properly.

    3. Use disposable wands and applicators for each client.

    4. Lash palette

    You absolutely, 100% need to clean your lash palette every single day. As you lash all day, client’s skin debris, and make up residue gets transferred onto your palette. GROSS. Just think about all that highlighter that makes your palette shine at the end of the day. That’s why it’s important to give your palette a cleanse after each work day or client.

    5. Linens And Towels

    Each client should get a fresh pillowcase/towel. Bed linens should be changed daily. Meanwhile, remember to wipe all surfaces includes massage table, etc with disinfectant.

    6. Aftercare Cleaning

    We cannot stress this enough! Just teach your clients to properly clean their lashes once you’re done with application. Clean lashes = happy healthy lashes, so which means there will be following appointment for your increased income.


    I wish I could honestly say that sanitation is easy, well it's not. There are a lot of steps and a lot of things to remember. Following this advice on cleanliness and steps on how to sterilize your lash extension tools, will however, benefit you for years and years to come. Keeping your business safe and your clients happy and healthy is the ultimate goal!



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