Lash Lift at Home: Get the Lush Look You Want

One of the hottest eyelash products in the beauty industry today is called a lash lift kit. While they are offered as part of a beauty service package at many salons and spas, it is possible to get the same lush and beautiful look at home for less. Doing a lash lift is a bit more involved than applying regular faux eyelashes. You have to follow the directions carefully to keep everything safe and give yourself the best outcome possible. However, this lash lift cosmetic process truly transforms the way your natural eyelashes look today and into the future.

In order to get the look that women everywhere are craving, follow along with the do-it-yourself process below. When you enjoy a lash lift at home, you can transform your appearance in a way that will let you throw out your eyelash curler, save time every morning, and still look your bright-eyed best every day and night.

How Do Lash Lifts Work?

A lash lift is basically a perm for your eyelashes. They use safe and effective chemicals to encourage your lash hair to curl upward and create a beautiful, wide-eyed look. The process is frequently done at a salon or beauty shop because it is a bit more complicated and riskier than applying regular glue-on false eyelashes or using an eyelash curler.

However, if you pay very close attention to the directions and always practice safe lash lift procedures, they can offer an excellent way to make your natural eyelashes look they're very best.

The Lash Lift at Home Process Explained

Always follow the manufacturer's directions included in the box or packet of the at-home lash lift kit. They tell you exactly how long to use each chemical, how to apply them safely and get the best results specific to that product type. That being said, understanding the overall process is a great way to become more comfortable with doing this type of cosmetic treatment by yourself at home.

1 – Clean off your eyelashes, eyelids, and surrounding skin of any makeup, residual adhesive, excess skin oils, or anything else that may get in the way of the process.

2 – Affix the safe silicone shield to your top eyelid to protect the skin from any solution dripping onto it and running into your eyes.

3 – Pick a curl rod size appropriate for the type of curve you want your natural eyelashes to have. You may not have a lot of options in an at-home kit, but it makes sense to choose one that suits your personal style.

4 – Carefully comb your eyelashes over this rod with the perm solution. Depending on the specific directions on the package, this gets left on anywhere from 5 to 12 minutes.

5 – When the time is right, brush on the setting solution and fixing oil to stop the perm process and make it last for as long as possible. Each eye done yourself may take up to an hour. You might like to get together with some of your friends and help each other out to make it go more quickly.

It is extremely important for you to follow all the directions exactly and take the utmost care to avoid getting the perm, setting or fixing solutions in your eyes or on your skin. While the personal use products do not use chemicals as harsh as those used by trained salon professionals, they still may cause a bit of redness or irritation if used incorrectly. As long as you follow the instructions, you should have no problem.

Lash Lift Compared to Other Eyelash Options

Your natural eyelashes may lack the thickness and shape that you want for your perfect beautiful look. That is why there are so many different false lashes and eyelash procedures like the lash lift on the market today. When deciding which one to use, it is important to weigh all your options and consider the outcome and potential risks.

Unlike false eyelashes, a lash lift merely changes the shape of your natural features. You do not have to get any fake materials and use adhesive or magnets to attach them to your lash line or existing hair.

Since a home lash lift changes your natural appearance, it involves a lot less maintenance than other products and procedures out there. Once you do the technique, it will last approximately three months before you have to repeat it. During that time, you will have wide open and curled eyelashes that will look great with any mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow styles you prefer.

A home lash lift is an accessible and affordable option for women who want to look their very best without all the day-to-day maintenance of applying false eyelashes or curling them. You will get a beautiful look that may lack the drama and high fashion of lash fans or magnetic lashes but gives you the perfect foundation for your cosmetic application styles.

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