Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Made Volume Fans

Applying volume lash extensions is like mastering sculpture. Unlike classic lashing where the application is one-to-one, the volume lash extension application is a delicate balance act performed between multiple lashes.

It is an act that involves weight, diameter, and length—not to mention creating a perfect fan that must be carefully picked up and wrapped around the natural lash.

Creating a symmetrical fan can be daunting and takes a great deal of practice and skill. And as is often true with more complicated techniques, there are many companies offering volume lash extension supplies that bypass the practice time altogether.



What are premade lash fans?

Premade volume fans, aka pro-made lashes, are volume fans that are produced by an eyelash extension supplier in advance and delivered to the artist ready to be dipped and placed on a client’s lash.

They attach to the natural lash in the same way that a classic or semi-permanent volume lash does.


How are premade fan lash extensions made?

The process for creating premade fans is similar to that of handmade volume lashes in that a person is involved but it is assisted by a machine.

Typically, a row of thin PBT threads are arranged on a lash tray, then the roots (=base) of these threads are either heat-bonded or connected via a small amount of adhesive.

Once the adhesion of the roots is completed, the threads will be rolled into the desired curl and heat-processed to retain the curl.

Once the curl is made, the lash makers in the supplier’s factory will transfer the desired amount of thread to the strip and open up the fans by hand like how it is done at the lash studio.

The finished fans are then neatly attached to a strip of adhesive with rows of other premade lash fans, and they are shipped out on a tray.


Save Time During Lashing Sessions With Pre-Mades

Pre-made fans are a great way for lash stylists to save time when crafting their clients’ unique look. This is because a full volume set created with pre-made lashes takes approximately the same amount of time as a full set of classic lashes. If your client is running late, and you are able to do so, you may even do a volume set with a mix of both hand and pre-made fans.


Use the Right Tools

One final note about working with pre-made fans. While they are applied as quickly as classic lashes, they do require a bit of adjustment in application tools and technique. Because the extensions are fanned out, the typical straight-tipped pick-up tweezer used for classic lashing won't work for pre-mades. Instead, swap to a tweezer specifically design for volume, with a boot or angled tip. Make sure that the tips close completely and do not have any adhesive on them - this can cause you to skip lashes when removing the fans from the strip!  


We hope this guide is helpful to you as you embark on your journey of creating amazing volume lashes for your clients!

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