Eyelash Extensions Too Expensive? Strip Lashes too rigid?

You will love BEYELIAN DIY individual lash kit!

This kit is matched with the necessary tools for DIY your own lash look, including 4 boxes of individual lashes, 1 pc of gentle glue, 1 pc of slant tweezers, 5 pcs of glue stickers, 30 pcs micro brushes and 1 pc of glue remover. Of course, you can also purchase your favorite tools on the website according to your needs.




As you can see, you can diy your own lash styles in different situation. And there are 4 boxes of eyelashes, and the lashes can be reused many times with proper care. Compared with eyelash extensions, this set has a very high cost performance.


  1. Too heavy to wear?

The individual cluster lashes are made of hot melt process, the root is thin and the lash is lightweight, so it is very comfortable to wear. It has a variety of lengths and styles, you can mix and match your eye makeup at will.

  1. Hurt my eyes?

No, the glue in the kit is very mild, it adopts a safe formula and high-quality raw materials, it will not irritate the eye skin, while ensuring mildness, the durability of this glue is also very good, use this glue , lashes can last about 2-3 weeks

  1. How to apply?

Drop gentle glue on a glue stickers, pick 1 fan of lashes with slant tweezers, dip glue, apply lashes on upper or lower place of natural lashes according your liking. Please note: Keep 1-2mm distance from natural lash root.

  1. How to remove?

Dip glue remover with a micro brush, apply the remover on cluster lashes evenly, wait 1-2 minutes and wipe off lashes with a makeup cotton pad.


If you have more questions, welcome to contact us at any time.

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  • Vanessa

    This is what I ordered. Months ago and never recieved it. Was told they sent new one never got it. I would like to recieve something I did pay for it hello

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