Every lash artist has their own lash beauty taste, which is why there are so many eyelash extensions items on the market; however, some lashes are always timeless and cannot be abandoned. Flat matte lashes are one of these products.


Do you enjoy matte flat lashes as well? And why do you like it so much?

Today, we'll talk about this classic eyelash extension style and try to figure out why people adore flat lashes.
If we want to know why lash artists enjoy flat lashes, we need to know what effect flat lashes may make and what difference they have over round lashes, so let's keep reading!
First, let's look at the impact that flat lashes can have. Take a look at the photographs below:

cr: phatlash

cr: lashesbychlo


"NATURAL LASH APPEARANCE" That could be important information from the images. All of us are always looking for "NATURAL BEAUTY," which is why "NATURAL LASHES" products are so popular. And we may understand why flat lashes are so lovely a little bit.
However, what is the difference between flat lashes and round lashes?

We can see the following from this image:

  • 1.CONCAVE BASE: The matte flat lash's root is flat, while the round lashes are normal.
  • 2.ENLARGE CONTACT AREA: Ellipse flat design to increase contact area between extension lashes and natural lashes, allowing for easier and faster application.
  • 3.EXTENSION LASHES ENDURE LONGER: More adhesive soaks into the extension lash surface, allowing them to last longer after application.
  • 4.LIGHTWEIGHT AND CONVENIENT: Eyelashes with a thickness of 0.15 are just 0.07 thick, while those with a thickness of 0.20 are only 0.10 thick, making the lash lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Furthermore, ELLIPSE FLAT Lashes have a split tip area, which allows the lashes to touch like cashmere, creating a smooth and natural impression.

This concludes our introduction to flat lashes; in the end, we'll share you some lash mapping:

cr: topstarlashfactory


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