0.10 3D Mega Premade Fan Lashes( 480 Fans )

Regular price $19.99

You want to give your clients beautiful, full volume lashes, and now you can - even if you have only had classic lash training, or are still working on perfecting your hand-made fans. Technology in the lash industry continues to advance rapidly, and we no longer need to be worried that pre-made fans could damage natural lashes - as long as you are discerning about the fans you choose!

Developed to be the most beautiful and consistent fans, our premade fans have tiny pointed bases and don’t have that artificial “pre-made” look that so many others do.
These fans are perfect for 1) Lash artists who don’t have the ability to create hand-made volume yet, 2) For advanced lash artists that want to be able to offer “express” sets - you know those “celebrity” clients who only have a certain amount of time to give to each appointment, and 3) Your back-up in case of emergency fans: whether it be a dropped tweezer, needing to lash while traveling, or an extra-late client who desperately needs you.

These fans work best when lifted off the strip from the base, then picked up and placed on the natural lash like a classic. Won't weigh lashes down and stays open and fluffy, effortlessly!

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