Volume Fan Glue

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  • ★ BEYELIAN Volume Fan GLUE: FOR PROFESSIONAL EYELASH EXTENSIONS USE ONLY. This is medical grade adhesive designed for licensed advanced lash stylists/artists. Never use this product on your own with Individual, Cluster or Strip false lashes. In addition, We do not suggest use this glue for sensitive people
  • ★ This powerful glue is developed with special formula especially for volume eyelash extensions, including full and light mega volume. It has excellent performance in retention-6-7 weeks and drying time-2-3 sec and will work perfectly at 68-82.4℉and humidity 50%-80%. The Volume Fan Glue is highly recommended to lash technicians who are skilled in volume or hybrid set
  • ★ Volume Fan Glue is a LATEX-FREE adhesive. It is waterproof. Clients need to keep eyes closed during lash stylists doing eyelash extensions
  • ★ SHELF LIFE: if unopened, should have a shelf life of up to 6 months; if opened, we suggest using up within 1 month. It is good to glue to be put in a cool environment
  • ★ For the best result, recommended holder- Glue Storage Container for storing glue properly and protect it from humidity; recommended lashes- Easy Fan Lashes for volume sets; recommended tweezers- Volume Queen #AS09 for volume lashing

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