0.20 Super Matte Ellipse Flat Lashes

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★ ITEM: Ellipse flat eyelash extension has a slightly oval shape, different from other classic of extension lash, large touch area with real eyelash, more fastness, long duration. The Matte Ellipse flat eyelash extension is of matte deep black finish, which creates a full and glamorous look easily.
★ KEY FEATURES: The ELLIPSE-SHAPED makes it 70% lighter than classic lashes. There are 2 tips on the top of the lashes, making it softer than classic lashes, feeling like 0.07mm; also it can create the illusion of volume. Comfortable to wear, friendly to natural lashes and eyelid. And the matte color is similar to natural lashes, no one will even know you have eyelash extensions.
★ ITEM SPECIFICS of Ellipse flat eyelash extension: C curl, 0.15mm; 16 rows, approx 4480 lashes per tray, service for 18-22 clients; made with Korea synthetic fiber-environmental protection material.
★ ABOUT CURLS: The C curl has a natural look like permed to create an attractive look, while the D curl is curlier than the C curl, which could establish a dramatic and luxurious look.
★ OCCASION of eyelash extension: beauty salon, eyelash extension shop, professional eyelash technician, nails salon, etc. We Accept All Situations Refund And Free Exchange! So No Worry Purchase Beyelian eyelash extension.

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