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USE BEFORE EXTENSION: Apply a small amount of lash bonder on natural lashes with a micro brush before extension, speeding up drying time of glue. If you wanna use it with lash primer, use lash primer first.
USE AFTER EXTENSION: After lash extension, apply lash bonder on the roots of the eyelash extensions. Lash bonder has the function of water proof, oil proof,sweat proof etc, you can open eyes, rub the lashes and wash your face right now.
SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE: Clear liquid. No Fumes, Odorless and No Irritation . It’s specifically formulated to eliminate the potential of allergy or irritation for clients with extremely sensitive eyes. It’s also a wonderful gift for sensitive clients!
CAUTION: For professional eyelash extension use only. Be careful not to get into the eyes when using it.

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